Name: Makoto Kino (Sincerity of Wood)

Age: 14-16

Height: 5'6

Blood type: O

Birthday: December 5, 1978 (Sagittarius)

Hobbies: Cooking, boys

Favorite color: sugar pink, green

Favorite Gemstone: Emerald

Favorite Food: Cherry pie and meatloaf

Least Favorite Food: None

Favorite School Subject: Home Economics

Least Favorite Subject: Physics

Strengths: cooking, physical strength

Weakness: Airplanes

Dream: To own a bakery/restraunt/flower shop

Makoto is the reincarnation of the Princess of Jupiter. She is a sweet, innocent girl who loves to cook. She has a romantic heart and often falls in love with cute guys who she says looks like her senpai (upper classman). Makoto, or "Mako-chan" as her friends call her, is a good housekeeper, which comes in handy, because she lives alone. Her parents died in a plane crash, though they are rarley mentioned in the manga or anime. She is also very skilled in the martial arts, and defends the weak.


Sailor Jupiter

Element: Nature (Lightning/Thunder/Wood)

Signature color: Green

Items: 6

       1. Power Stick

       2. Pocket Communicator

       3. Star Power Stick

       4. Wrist Communicator

       5. Crystal Power Wand

       6. Emblem of Jupiter/Oak Leaves (manga, act 37)


Transformations: 4

        1. Jupiter Power, Makeup

        2. Jupiter Star Power, Makeup

        3. Jupiter Planet Power, Makeup (manga)

        4. Jupiter Crystal Power, Makeup


Attacks: 6

     1. Supreme Thunder

     2. Flower Hurricane (manga)

     3. Supreme Thunder Dragon

     4. Sparkling Wide Pressure

     5. Jupiter Coconut Clycone (manga)

     6. Jupiter Oak Evolution




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